How is Siology?

Siology relies on a combination of individual and interactive actions if you want to achieve unbelievability. Those who work hard will gradually progress through the stages of Siology: Self-belief, independence and opportunism.

Each week we follow different chapter in the Life of Si. The Life of Si has 148 chapters so most people take almost 3 years to truly understand what it takes to be unbelievable and discover there first glimps of opportrunism. However understanding Siology is just the start and those who really want to believe the unbelievable must practice as well. More details on the “Life of Si” can be found here

Siologists believe in the daily sacrifice of aubergines (or eggplants as they are called in may parts of the world). This ceremony known as the Siolifice, is aimed at freeing the mind and forms a critical part of a Siologists daily life. For more information on the the Siolifice read our FAQs.

Also we encourage people to tell their friends unbelievable things on a daily basis. Often this will be met with a look of “what the **** you talking about”, but by doing this on a regular basis it builds a resilience to these negative reactions, so when you are about to believe the truly unbelievable no one will be able to bring you down to earth. Many Siologists have been falsely put into mental hospitals, but this only makes us stronger and should be seen as a sign of dedication to the belief.

Sharing the unbelievable is a critical part. There is not one clear path to believing the unbelievable so one should looks at others who have achieved in believement of the unbelievable. This provides some guidance but of one has found self-belief and independence they will base on these examples but find their own way. Remember the opportunities that Siology can lead to are greater than the temple itself.

Read about some of the stories of our believers here

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us and we will have a Siologist in Residence contact you to tell you more. Alternatively you can try believing for yourself and is you already believe in Siology then the possibility is you can make up all you need to know and that will satisfy you immensely.