Gully Balls

March 31, 2012 in believers, home by siology

Gully Balls

  • Occupation: Psychiatrist
  • Lives: Perth, Australia
  • Age: 43 years old


How did you discover Siology?

I didn’t used to believe in super heroes. However in March 2010 something happened that changed my life for ever. While my family was sleeping our apartment caught fire. We were trapped on the 13th floor and death seemed near. However, out of nowhere came our super hero dressed in blue and red. He flew in through the open window and swept me, my wife and 2 daughters out of the apartment and to safety. He had flown all the way from the US just to save us! After thanking him I asked what the “S” on his chest stood for and he simply replied “Siology” and flew away. I later googled “Siology” and the rest is history.


How has Siology changed you?

Previously I thought that in was unbelievable that a human could fly.  However, now I really believe in myself and know I have the potential to fly. I am taking my family on holiday to Japan next August and have decided to fly myself rather than take a plane. Not only should I be able to save significant amounts of money and time, we will be minimizing our carbon footprint by not taking a plane. While I have not managed to fly a significant distance yet I am confident I will be able to achieve this mission. I have been training and last week managed to fly 5m of a bridge with only spraining my ankle slightly. I have been assured that this is good progress and as long as I do my daily sacrifice (Siolifice) and practice flapping my arms very fast, I should easily be able to do what I previously thought was unbelievable.