Jane Jones

March 31, 2012 in believers, home by siology

Jane Jones

  • Occupation: Investment Banker
  • Lives: New York
  • Age: 29 years old


How did I discover Siology?

I had previously been part of the Cult of Cash, but I missed the AGM only to find out that at the AGM all followers participated in a mass suicide. I therefore had to find some other belief to follow. My boyfriend was actually in the cult and as he was not longer with us I decided to try online dating and ended up hooking up with a person with the username “Siology1984″. Kind of assumed that 1984 was his year of birth. Turned out, Arnold was actually born in 1914 but he believed he was still only 28. Turned out his profile picture was his grandson but they had similar looks and I was in love.

How has Siology changed you?

Well this Arnold taught me something, and while I did not believe I was younger than I was my belief that I discovered was that I will live to the age of 174 years old. Previously I thought that I might die anytime in the next 60 years – my high pressure job and drug habits were increasing the risks. However, with my new belief I do not worry anymore as I know I still have 146 years left of my life. Subsequently I have upped the pace and work 22 hour days and am making a shit load of money. I don’t have time to spend it now but have a lot of years ahead of me to spend it. I have also donated to the Temple of Siology.