The Elves of Bangkok

February 14, 2013 in believers by siology

How did you discover Siology?

Not only is this an amazing tale of how the two of us found Siology it is also how the two of us found one another. The Elf community in Bangkok is quite small in 2 ways. Firstly there are only 2 of us active Elves and secondly both of us are quite small. In Bangkok Elves had been brought up to act, dress, eat and look like humans so that no one would suspect us magical beings (they would obviously be very jealous). In fact we became so good at it that we could not even detect another elf when we meet. So it it is possible there are more than 2 elves in Bangkok. We just don’t know it!

Anyway the 2 of us met at some networking event called Extragalaxy. Quite a fun event that is held at least once a month and while everyone is actually from Earth there are a few weird people who go – they seem like Aliens. Anyway, after a few encounters at Extragalaxy we got talking a lot and we soon realised we had a lot in common and the fact that we were both Elves. It was unbelievable as neither of us had actually ever met another Elf before (except for our Elfish parents of course – although the parents are in denial about it). Anyway I had been dreaming of meeting a beautiful Elfette for a while but did not believe it would ever happen. It was quite sad actually. So when I met Elfette I started believing in the unbelievable. I even wrote a song called “The Belief of Unbelievability”. Elfette thought the song was so amazing that she did not believe I had written it so she searched for  ”The Belief of Unbelievability” on Uncle Google. And guess what came up? “The Temple of Siology”. In fact the top 8 results were all about Siology (note: need to include ” ” in search phrase i.e. ”The Belief of Unbelievability”). When Elfette told me about this site I was intrigued and the more we read about the Temple of Siology the more we became hooked.


How has Siology changed you?

As you heard above, we actually started believing in the unbelievable before we discovered Siology. But when we came across the Temple of Siology, it became clear that it was quite acceptable to believe in unbelievable things and the most unbelievable things can make you happy. There are many unbelievable things that we now believe. For example, do you remember book / film “The Chronicles of Narnia”? Well be both used to believe it was just a story but now we actually believe in Narnia and we believe we can go there every night. It is is a magical and beautiful place and it turns out you don’t even need a magic wardrobe to access it. Just go to bed, close your eyes and think sweet dreams. We both love to travel so at some stage want to visit the Elves who live in Middle Earth (and maybe visit Frodo in the Shire at the same time). We have not worked out how to get there but we honestly believe that there is a way. In fact we kind of hope that an innovative airline like Air Asia will start flying there sometime soon so we can use Big Card points to redeem free flights.

Other things that we now believe in is that there are actual aliens who go to Extragalaxy events and that yellow tigers (and the noises that go with them) are a key ingredient for a healthy life and a great conversation.

We are still very new to this Siology thing but I believe that it is worth learning more about and maybe there are even more unbelievable things yet to happen. In fact it has only been just over a month (maybe a month and a half) since we discovered it, but what a great time it has been. I really want to thank Elfette for finding The Temple of Siology and the happiness that has come with it. I am looking forward to all the weird and wonderful adventures that me and Elfette still have to come.

p.s. I am currently working on releasing the song “The Belief of Unbelievability”. I truly believe it is going to be even bigger than Gagnam Style. Not many people know this but PSY who sings Gagnam Style is also a Psyologist (the Korean way of spelling Siologist) and he has given me some inside tips into how to create a huge hit.