Thanks for visiting this page. We are pleased you want to help the cause. The Temple of Siology relies on donations so that the person responsible for maintaining this site does not have to do a proper job.

For tax reasons and also to avoid online credit card fraud, we only accept money in the form of cash and if you contact us with your details we can arrange for one of our Siologists to come and collect it from you if you donate more than 10,000USD (we have set this amount to ensure that we can cover the cost of a first class flight if needed for collection). This is actually a great way to meet Siologists and as long as you offer them a glass of milk and a roast beef sandwich then we are happy to come out. Please make sure you have the money ready in a brown paper bag. For donations of less you will need to deliver to our Temple.

Those people who donate more than One Million USD will automatically be honored in the Temple of Siology and will be eligable for voting rides at the annual general meeting each year.