Siology for sale advert

After just one year of running the most innovative and radical eBelief in the world, we have decided to put it up for sale.

We still believe the Temple of Siology is a great business opportunity. However during the time running it, we have not been able to devote the time needed to turn it into a world class eBelief (or cult).

Siology is “The belief of unbelievabilty” and while this opportunity may sound unbelievable we believe that there are people out there who will see the potential.

If you are a slightly eccentric alien and are not afraid of being quirky at the expense of being called a weirdo then this is the perfect opportunity for you. No previous experience in running an eBelief is required. Human owners who can think outside the box will also find it an interesting business opportunity.


The Opportunity

Those interested in buying the Temple of Siology will find that there are endless opportunities for growing the existing belief and follower base, but also expanding the value proposition through both online and offline channels.

Whilst the evolution of technology and the internet has shown the ability to redefine business models, most beliefs have failed to take advantage of this, and as a result the Temple of Siology has been able to become the worlds leading eBelief. The Temple of Siology is the verge of making the leap and redefining these traditional models.  Many believe it has the opportunity to become a perfect example of Blue Ocean Strategy, by focusing on the areas that add most value to the followers with out the costs involved of traditional beliefs (e.g. buildings, salaries, legal costs…..)


The Revenue Model:

Siologists (followers of the Temple of Siology) tend to have very high disposable incomes, which opens the doors to several lucrative revenue streams. At the moment revenue is based on donations and due to constraints in our ability to collect the donations we have put a minimum donation value of 10,000USD. However, extensive market research has shown that if this level was lowered to 5,000USD this could lead to an increase in donations in the range of 1978% to 2004%

While the Temple of Siology prefers not to be compared to religions it is a benchmark industry for the purpose of valuation. The fact is: “religion = money” and eBeliefs are the future. The following articles provide background information on the potential of these comparable organizations



As mentioned previously the Temple of Siology is unique and has no direct competitors. Just to reiterate that the Temple of Siology is not a religion and therefore does not compete against them. We actually believe an eBelief such as Siology should not replace religion and people can easily follow both. However, if you are interested to know how competitive the “Religion” industry is then you may want to read this article.


Cost Base

Currently the Temple of Siology has very low overheads and due to it’s online presence can scale quickly without considerable increases in cost.

Employees: There are no humans working full time for the Temple of Siology but there are 4 mosquitoes currently working full time.  Now before anyone calls any animal rights organizations please note that they flew into the office and bit me by their own will. By biting me they got infected by the Siology gene in my blood.


Asking Price

Based on future earning potential, several well known external parties (including Goldman Sucks and Moron Stanley) have valued the The Temple of Siology at 3 Billion USD. However, these same people also believe the value they add entitles them to 7 figure bonuses! We are a little more realistic and as the Temple of Siology is about creativity we are open to more creative options. This could include:

  • Exchange for a lifetime supply of freshly made cheese sandwiches using 3-year old mature cheddar.
  • Exchange for a ticket into space (perfect exchange opportunity for Richard B)
  • 1 Billion Dollars delivered as 1 cent coins
  • Payment in Bitcoin or even some other ridiculous currency of the future. Exchange rate to be determined using some unbelievable metric.
  • 7 Smarties

So get creative and let us know what you are prepared to offer! Please post your offer to

* Please note that all offers are subject to acceptance by the 4 mosquitoes currently working for the Temple. This may also involve a due diligence process that includes the “bite test”.



We still believe there is room for a new belief out there. A belief that focuses on creativity, randomness and quirkiness. A belief that allows adults to express themselves in the ridiculous ways that they might have done when they were a child and entertain others with their ridiculousness. Just remember, laughter is the best medicine and imagine the power if you can bring people of different background and beliefs together through laughter. This site was never meant to be taken seriously but as a little bit of fun and creativity.

If no buyers come forward before Friday 13th September, the site will be taken down and sent to a creative place in internet heaven, where it will sit alongside the greats like,,…….