Frequently Asked Questions

Is Siology a religion?

Is football a religion? Some people would say football is a religion but American Football is definitely not? Some people will call Siology a religion, others will call it a cult. We call it a belief. However, the reality is a true Siologist does not care what you call it. Many would simple call it truly unbelievable.


Is Siology a belief?

If you believe it is, it is.


Is the Temple of Siology a cult?

We don’t think so. Do you want it to be one?


Is the Temple of Siology actually real?

Pinch yourself and see if you wake up.


Was Superman really a Siologist?

Many people have speculated that the “S” he dons does not actually stand for Superman. The simple fact is he is a fictional character so unlike Siology he did not actually exist.


Is it true that Siology was actually founded by someone called Simon?

This is an absurd suggestions.


If I donate to Siology will I go to heaven?

The Temple of Siology can not guarantee entrance through the pearly gates. However if you donate expecting to and discover that you do not make it to heaven then please email us with a copy of your death certificate and your official rejection letter and we will arrange a refund.


Why do Siologists sacrifice aubergines (eggplants)?

The practice of sacrificing and aubergine comes from some of the original followers who were a community of egg farmers in France. One year a gang of foxes ate all their chickens and they thought their livelihood was ruined. In a desperate act they planted some Aubergines to see if it was true that eggs would grow on them and to their amazement they did. In fact each plant produced on average 57,000 eggs per year. They then went on to diversify and grow other animal products on trees and plants. This included the “Cheese String Tree” and the “Butter Bush”. This really did change their world.


What type of aubergines (eggplants) do you need to use for the daily sacrifice?

Throughout the world there are many types of aubergines (eggplants) ranging from green pea like ones which are use in a lot of Thai food to the large purple ones which are used in ratatouille and there is an emoticon for on Whatsapp. All varieties can be used and if you believe a tomato is actually an aubergine you could use a tomato. One well respected Siologist actually believed a hazelnut was an aubergine.


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European


What is a Siologists favorite food?



How many Siologists are there in the world?

At least 3. you can read their stories here:


Does the Temple of Siology believe in the importance of good speling?

Yes. You probably noticed we purposely spelt “spelling” rong in this question. However, did you still understand the question? We do not believe spelling is impotent. Remember, Siology is about believing in what you want to, even if it is unbelievable. In most cases with bad spelting you can still understand what was intendered, bat if you beleave it says something that is truly unbelievable then that is your write as a Siologist. The community behind wordpress are clearly all Siologists as the spellcheck on this platform does not work very well so it is obliviously not considered important.


Does Siology really exists or is it someones attempt at an April Fools joke?

Siology is all about believing in the unbelievable. If you think it is unbelievable then you can chose to either believe in it or believe it is a joke. If you believe in it you are already on your way to understanding Siology.


Where did I leave my glasses?

On your head?